Global Directors Training

Global Director Training prepares both veteran and new Global Program directors to lead immersive international short-term programs. Participants are provided with tools, resources, experiences, and perspectives to effectively lead a team to partner with IFES and other overseas ministries. GDT will be held at a Quaker guesthouse in the heart of Mexico City where the cultural and culinary immersion is part of the training. Learn how to craft and execute transformational, cross-cultural programs from those who’ve been leading them for years.

Missions Champs Summit

Coming in a Good Way: Partnering with our IFES brothers and sisters 
InterVarsity is privileged to be part of one of the most indigenous Christian movements in the world today, the IFES. Come learn from IFES leaders and take a deep dive into what good missiology looks like. Let’s grow together in knowing what we have to offer and what we have to learn as we develop and maintain healthy partnerships with ministries outside the US. 


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The cost of the trip is $350. This includes housing, food, and ground transportation in Mexico City. Choose one of the following selections for how you would like to pay. 

Please note this does not include airfare.

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Please email a copy of your flight itinerary to [email protected] by January 10th. Plan to arrive before 3:00 pm on January 30th and leave after 2:00 pm on February 3rd. Make sure you have a valid passport (check the expiration date) prior to booking your travel.

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Should the PDF not display properly, you may download a copy of the Individual Release-Waiver_10.22.2020.pdf


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