Global Director Training is one of the few times GP Directors get to be in person! This year we will be returning to Mexico City. The goal of GDT is to prepare Global Program Directors with the tools, resources, and perspectives they need to effectively lead their team and partner with the IFES. GP Directors will come away from the training with an understanding of what they need to do, how to do it well, and who to talk to.

Missions Champs Summit

We as Missions Champs believe that displacement experiences, from day-long dips to summer long Treks, are among the most potent and deep-reaching discipleship opportunities that we can provide and we're convinced that it's good for staff and students at every stage of chapter life. As we spend time together forging deeper connections with each other and some of the national GE&J team, we'll come away with a community of people who are committed to helping one another steward the value of "Loving God's global purposes" in our respective regions. We hope you'll make this a priority!


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